Robert Fox was born and raised in Woodlake, CA, where he met Stephanie. Six years later, they were married.

To communicate with his and Stephanie’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing friends, Robert completed a series of sign language classes. He has also earned two Associate Degrees in Computer Technology.

Robert has always been committed to supporting his family; He started first by working at a local flooring company. As Fox Interpreting Inc. grew, he could resign from the flooring company to work full-time, managing the office portion of the family business.

After this transition, not only did Rob further his education, but he continued to be a very involved husband and father, cooking meals for ‘his girls’ and supporting them in their day-to-day activities. Both Rob and Stephanie have always worked together to establish and maintain a crucial balance between raising a family and running a business.

Robert continues to serve as an active member of Fox on the Board of Directors. Thanks to the wonderful team that manages the day ¬to¬ day operations of the business, he can now spend more time with his loving family.

After raising two daughters, Robert and Stephanie have continued to expand their family, recently welcoming two more beautiful girls into their home. In addition to his daughters, his grandchildren are his pride and joy. He is an avid dirt bike rider and enjoys spending time with and training his two dogs and being involved in church. Robert is very passionate about Fox Interpreting Inc. and the people who have helped and continue to help make it what it is today